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17-02-18 (19:55)   Get an Xbox One X working with Kinect in several difficult steps (Polygon)
13-02-18 (18:38)   RollerCoaster Tycoon Joyride Releasing on Consoles During First Half of 2018 (PlayStation LifeStyle)
10-02-18 (02:34)   What If The Solo Trailer Featured The Han Solo Theme Song Instead? (GameInformer.com)
09-02-18 (21:07)   Watch SOLO Trailer Set to "I'm Han Solo" from STAR WARS KINECT (Nerdist)
09-02-18 (01:24)   Here's the Solo trailer set to 'I'm Han Solo' from Kinect Star Wars (Polygon)
30-01-18 (14:05)   AI developers can turn any webcam into a Kinect (TechRadar)
27-01-18 (03:19)   Replay ? Dragon Ball Z: Chou Saiya Densetsu (GameInformer.com)
18-01-18 (23:47)   Crazy kaiju-robot antics only hint at Nintendo Labo's true potential (Ars Technica)
10-01-18 (11:40)   The Rise and Fall of the Kinect: A Tale of Two Peripherals (TheXboxHub)
07-01-18 (20:54)   Xbox news recap: Kinect ceases production, PUBG to be exclusive to Xbox for "some time" and more (On MSFT)
04-01-18 (11:06)   Kinect was amazing - in a museum (Eurogamer.net)
04-01-18 (08:23)   A free Xbox One Kinect Adapter is Xbox One gamers' most-popular request (On MSFT)
03-01-18 (23:29)   Kinect died a while ago; now Microsoft is ripping out the life support tube (GamesRadar)
03-01-18 (20:45)   Microsoft has ended production of the Xbox One Kinect adapter (Gamasutra)
03-01-18 (20:08)   The rise and fall of Kinect: Why Microsoft gave up on its most promising product (Business Insider)
03-01-18 (19:41)   GS News Update: Kinect Is Really Dead Now, Basically (GameSpot)
03-01-18 (18:55)   Xbox One's Kinect Is Really Dead Now, Basically (GameSpot)
03-01-18 (18:12)   Xbox Off - Microsoft ends production of Kinect adapter for Xbox One (Digital Trends)
03-01-18 (18:01)   RIP Kinect: 2010-2017(ish) (Ars Technica)
03-01-18 (17:23)   Microsoft is No Longer Selling the Xbox One Kinect Adapter (DualShockers)
03-01-18 (12:48)   Microsoft has stopped selling the Kinect adaptor (TechRadar)
03-01-18 (12:48)   Microsoft Ends Production of the Kinect Adapter (Thurrott.com)
03-01-18 (12:14)   Xbox One Kinect Adapter Discontinued (IGN.com)
03-01-18 (10:49)   Xbox One Kinect adaptor officially dead now, too (Eurogamer.net)
03-01-18 (10:09)   Xbox One X's marketing is still deceiving consumers about support for Kinect (On MSFT)
03-01-18 (08:09)   Microsoft confirms the Xbox One Kinect Adapter is no longer being made (On MSFT)
03-01-18 (05:22)   The Microsoft Kinect is now really dead (SlashGear)
03-01-18 (05:06)   Xbox One Kinect Adapter Has Been Discontinued (Ubergizmo)
03-01-18 (01:58)   Microsoft stops selling the Xbox One Kinect adapter (Engadget)
03-01-18 (01:44)   Kinect Adaptor for Xbox One S and One X Discontinued (GamingBolt)
03-01-18 (01:34)   Microsoft Discontinues Xbox One Kinect Adapter (GameInformer.com)
03-01-18 (00:41)   Kinect Is Really Dead Now, Basically (GameSpot)
03-01-18 (00:06)   Microsoft has discontinued the Kinect Adapter for newer Xbox One consoles (TheVerge)
22-12-17 (17:20)   Boom Ball 3 For Kinect Is Now Available For Xbox One (Major Nelson)
22-12-17 (09:54)   Boom Ball 3 for Kinect Review (TheXboxHub)
22-12-17 (09:40)   Kinect lives - as Boom Ball 3 hits Xbox One! (TheXboxHub)
14-12-17 (18:13)   'Early Man': 25 Things to Know about Aardman's Stop-Motion Sports Comedy (Collider)
08-12-17 (10:54)   Boom Ball 3 for Kinect release date and new trailer revealed! (TheXboxHub)
23-11-17 (15:12)   'Untrained Eyes' explores how computers perceive you (Engadget)
17-11-17 (06:49)   Kinect Bundle: Kung-Fu & Air Guitar Warrior Is Now Available For Xbox One (Major Nelson)
15-11-17 (01:41)   'Untrained Eyes' puts an AI spin on looking at yourself in the mirror (Engadget)
12-11-17 (03:40)   Microsoft's Xbox One Kinect Adapter is REALLY popular on Amazon right now (On MSFT)
07-11-17 (09:09)   Xbox Kinect Adapters will be back in stock on November 10th (On MSFT)
07-11-17 (08:09)   Boom Ball 3 for Kinect and Kinect Funhouse announced for Xbox One (On MSFT)
06-11-17 (18:43)   We answer YOUR Xbox One X questions - Kinect adapters, 4K Enhanced games, checkerboarding, noise and more (GamesRadar)
03-11-17 (17:43)   Kinect is discontinued, but developers haven't abandoned it yet (Digital Trends)
03-11-17 (15:54)   Kinect is dead? Boom Ball 3 for Kinect and Kinect Funhouse announced for Xbox One (TheXboxHub)
02-11-17 (07:23)   Rush: A DisneyPixar Adventure now available on Xbox One with Kinect & Windows 10 (On MSFT)
01-11-17 (09:09)   Disneyland Adventures launches today on Xbox One with Kinect, 4K, & HDR (On MSFT)
01-11-17 (08:54)   Zoo Tycoon returns to Xbox One in 4K with Kinect support (On MSFT)
31-10-17 (08:09)   Bring your favourite Disney characters to life once more as Kinect-free Disneyland Adventures arrives on Xbox One (TheXboxHub)
29-10-17 (18:54)   Xbox news recap: Microsoft stops production of Kinect, Original Xbox Backward Compatibility launches and more (On MSFT)
28-10-17 (23:14)   RIP: Microsoft Ends Production of Xbox Motion Control 'Kinect' Camera (Breitbart.com)
28-10-17 (16:12)   Kinect: Seven years of strange experiments (Engadget)
27-10-17 (21:27)   Kinect's value to artists overshadowed its gaming roots (Engadget)
27-10-17 (13:30)   Kinect, Xbox and Windows 10: Why accessibility matters (ZDNet News)
27-10-17 (02:10)   Kinect Is Dead, Sonic Forces Demo, And Diablo 3 Update - GS News Roundup (GameSpot)
26-10-17 (21:00)   R.I.P. Kinect, 2010-2017 (IGN.com)
26-10-17 (16:50)   Microsoft Is Finally Laying Kinect To Rest, Officially Ending Production (Toms Hardware Guide)
26-10-17 (15:55)   Microsoft Finally Kills Off Xbox One's Kinect (GameSpot)
26-10-17 (15:26)   Amazon Key in-home delivery coming soon, Microsoft ends Kinect production video - CNET (C-Net News.com)
26-10-17 (09:54)   Just Dance 2018 launches on Xbox One with Kinect support (On MSFT)
26-10-17 (00:13)   The Kinect was good. It just wasn't good for gaming. (Mashable)
25-10-17 (22:18)   Microsoft has stopped making the Kinect, and that makes me sad (Ars Technica)
25-10-17 (22:12)   Goodbye, Kinect: Microsoft officially ends manufacturing for the Xbox One sensor (GamesRadar)
25-10-17 (21:59)   Don't Miss: How early Kinect devs overcame the challenges of the now discontinued tech (Gamasutra)
25-10-17 (21:55)   GS News Update: Microsoft Finally Kills Off Xbox's Kinect (GameSpot)
25-10-17 (21:46)   VR-bonkers Microsoft yanks plug out of Kinect (The Register)
25-10-17 (21:02)   Microsoft's Kinect is officially dead (TechnoBuffalo)
25-10-17 (20:59)   Microsoft has finally killed Kinect (Mashable)
25-10-17 (19:26)   Once the future of gaming, Microsoft's Kinect has been discontinued (Digital Trends)
25-10-17 (18:06)   Microsoft's Kinect Bites The Dust (Ubergizmo)
25-10-17 (17:43)   Microsoft Is No Longer Producing Kinect (IGN.com)
25-10-17 (17:41)   Microsoft Finally Kills Off Xbox's Kinect (GameSpot)
25-10-17 (17:40)   Kinect is kaput as Microsoft stops production - CNET (C-Net News.com)
25-10-17 (17:05)   Kinect is dead (SlashGear)
25-10-17 (16:48)   Microsoft Stops Making The Kinect (GameInformer.com)
25-10-17 (16:44)   Microsoft discontinues Kinect (GamesIndusty.biz)
25-10-17 (16:34)   Microsoft finally kills off the Kinect, but the tech will live on in other devices (TechCrunch)
25-10-17 (16:14)   Microsoft kills the Kinect as production shuts down (Gamasutra)
25-10-17 (15:48)   Microsoft has put the final nail in the Kinect's coffin (TechRadar)
25-10-17 (15:40)   RIP Kinect: Microsoft stops manufacturing the motion sensing Xbox accessory (On MSFT)
25-10-17 (15:27)   Microsoft ceases production of the Kinect (Engadget)
25-10-17 (15:20)   Kinect officially dead (Eurogamer.net)
25-10-17 (15:02)   Microsoft Ends Production of Kinect (Thurrott.com)
25-10-17 (15:01)   Microsoft stops manufacturing its Kinect sensors (ZDNet News)
25-10-17 (14:35)   Microsoft kills off Kinect, stops manufacturing it (TheVerge)
22-10-17 (20:51)   'Justice League': Flash and Cyborg Take Bruce's Mercedes-Benz for Joyride in New Promo (Comicbook.com)
17-10-17 (09:09)   PSA: Latest Xbox One update changed the Kinect shutdown process (On MSFT)
11-10-17 (00:29)   Microsoft: No Free Kinect Adapter with Xbox One X Upgrade (IGN.com)
10-10-17 (20:19)   Microsoft Confirms Kinect Adapters Will Not Be Free For Xbox One X (GameInformer.com)
10-10-17 (13:58)   Xbox One X questions answered: hard drive space, Kinect and controllers compatibility, and more (GamesRadar)
10-10-17 (12:20)   Xbox One X won't include Xbox One S' offer of free Kinect adaptor (Eurogamer.net)
10-10-17 (06:40)   Pre-orders open for Xbox One's 2 new Disney Kinect video games (On MSFT)
05-10-17 (00:54)   You might not get a free Kinect adapter with the Xbox One X (On MSFT)
21-09-17 (19:48)   Microsoft Testing USB Cameras For Streaming Use On Xbox One (GameInformer.com)
18-09-17 (22:28)   The iPhone X's 'notch' is powered by the same tech as the Kinect (Gamasutra)
17-09-17 (16:06)   The iPhone X's notch is basically a Kinect (TheVerge)
16-09-17 (21:04)   You Can Use A Kinect For Full Body Tracking In SteamVR; Here's How (Toms Hardware Guide)
12-09-17 (21:05)   iPhone X basically has a Kinect on the front to enable FaceID (TechCrunch)
07-09-17 (16:54)   Forget Kinect. Check out this motion-tracking t-shirt (On MSFT)
22-08-17 (10:54)   Gamescom 2017: Xbox One to get 3 new Kinect video games... in 4K with HDR graphics (On MSFT)
16-08-17 (18:40)   Qualcomm is bring new Kinect-like functionality to future mobile phones (On MSFT)
15-08-17 (19:51)   Fox to go for a joyride with a gender-swapped reboot of License to Drive (JoBlo.com)
11-08-17 (23:07)   'Bachelor in Paradise' Star Justin Reich Cracks Skull on Longboard Joyride (TMZ.com)
11-08-17 (16:23)   Bear Steals Car, Goes On Joyride -- Then Poops Inside And Toddles Off (Daily Wire)
09-08-17 (19:40)   Colorado Bear Takes SUV For Joyride. Then The Bear Poops In It. (Daily Wire)
02-08-17 (21:12)   Microsoft powers a DJ's live show with a Surface Book and Kinects (Engadget)
27-07-17 (01:13)   Disney's Magic Bench lets you play with AR characters without headset or smartphone (Mashable)
19-07-17 (19:23)   Grab an Xbox One Kinect Sensor for just $42 at B&H today (On MSFT)
18-07-17 (10:40)   Xbox One's best Kinect game, Dance Central Spotlight, now 50% off (On MSFT)
06-07-17 (23:05)   MIT researchers used a $150 Microsoft Kinect to 3D scan a giant T. rex skull (TechCrunch)
06-07-17 (21:59)   Researchers are solving the mysteries of a 65-million-year-old dino skull with Kinect (Mashable)
06-07-17 (21:54)   How do you scan the giant jaws of a tyrannosaurus rex? With a Microsoft Kinect! (On MSFT)
06-07-17 (12:05)   Get your Kinect out of storage, you can use it to scan dinosaur skulls! (TechRadar)
06-07-17 (11:06)   Microsoft's Kinect Used To Scan T-Rex Skull (Ubergizmo)
06-07-17 (03:41)   Kinect is pretty great at scanning dino bones (Engadget)
04-07-17 (11:13)   Mech Mocha on creating a new benchmark for Indian localisation with Jetpack Joyride (Pocket Gamer.biz)
21-06-17 (23:13)   Edgar Wright's Baby Driver Is a Cinematic Joyride (Vulture)
08-06-17 (15:42)   Mech Mocha partners with Halfbrick to release Indian version of Jetpack Joyride (Pocket Gamer.biz)
08-06-17 (12:09)   Air Guitar Warrior for Kinect gets new edition plus ton of fixes! (TheXboxHub)
07-06-17 (14:46)   Cavs' Title Joyride May Come to Crashing Halt If LeBron Doesn't Get Help Fast (Bleacher Report)
07-06-17 (08:09)   ZAZEN brings the art of meditation to Xbox One via the power of Kinect (TheXboxHub)
05-06-17 (21:51)   Go for a Joyride in new Class tie-in novel (EW.com)
01-06-17 (01:12)   Microsoft Kinect finds new life helping rehab patients heal at home (Digital Trends)
30-05-17 (09:40)   Nike+ Kinect Training online features to cease in July (On MSFT)
25-05-17 (08:40)   Kinect Sports Rivals is currently the number 1 selling Xbox game on Amazon (On MSFT)
17-05-17 (15:55)   Kinect-Powered AR Climbing Wall Basically Turns Bouldering Into Pong (GameSpot)
16-05-17 (09:47)   Kinect Bundle: Boom Ball 2 + Squid Hero Is Now Available For Xbox One (WinCentral)
16-05-17 (06:49)   Kinect Bundle: Boom Ball 2 + Squid Hero Is Now Available For Xbox One (Major Nelson)
09-05-17 (13:19)   From Kinect to InnerEye ? How Microsoft is supercharging gaming tech with AI smarts to help diagnose cancer (TechRadar)
06-05-17 (01:19)   What The Heck Is This? Episode 2 (GameInformer.com)
03-05-17 (20:35)   Microsoft's Kinect and HoloLens inventor thinks 'the phone is already dead' (TheVerge)
26-04-17 (20:57)   Watch pro drivers joyride in $83.4 million worth of Aston Martin cars (Digital Trends)
23-04-17 (21:15)   Joyride #12 (Comic Book Resources)
20-04-17 (22:37)   Critical Mass: 'Free Fire' a bullet-riddled joyride, 'Unforgettable' is campy fun (EW.com)
20-04-17 (20:42)   Exclusive: First look at final issue of Boom's epic space thriller Joyride (Blastr.com)
19-04-17 (21:40)   Here is how you can use HoloLens and Kinect to build a telepresence app (On MSFT)
19-04-17 (01:52)   Building a Telepresence App with HoloLens and Kinect (The Windows Blog)
18-04-17 (18:06)   The 'Fast And The Furious' Joyride Could Outlive Us All Thanks To A New Baby Driver (The Huffington Post)
14-04-17 (07:41)   Skype's 'all-new' Windows 10 app makes the trip to Xbox One (Engadget)
13-04-17 (17:22)   Boy learns to drive on YouTube for McDonald's joyride (BBC News)
13-04-17 (13:15)   Fable creator Peter Molyneux says Xbox 360 Kinect was "a disaster, trainwreck" (VG247)
11-04-17 (22:11)   Air Guitar Warrior for Kinect Xbox One review: A full dose of flair metal shredding (Windows Central)
11-04-17 (18:14)   Peter Molyneux: Kinect Was a 'Disaster, Trainwreck' (IGN.com)
07-04-17 (19:45)   The Xbox Scorpio will not have a Kinect port (TechnoBuffalo)
07-04-17 (11:49)   The brains behind Microsoft's stunning IllumiRoom concept are bringing it to life (TheVerge)
07-04-17 (10:15)   Xbox Scorpio ditches the power brick, Kinect port (VG247)
07-04-17 (00:10)   Xbox Scorpio also ditches the Kinect port (Polygon)
05-04-17 (23:54)   New Xbox One S owners now have to purchase their Kinect adapters separately (On MSFT)
05-04-17 (20:55)   Microsoft ends free Kinect adapter promotion for Xbox One S owners (Polygon)
30-03-17 (11:40)   Air Guitar Warrior For Kinect Review (TheXboxHub)
29-03-17 (08:23)   Microsoft's Xbox One just got a new Kinect video game (On MSFT)
29-03-17 (06:35)   Air Guitar Warrior for Kinect Is Now Available For Xbox One (Major Nelson)
26-03-17 (21:00)   Joyride #11 (Comic Book Resources)
13-03-17 (23:29)   Rocket & Groot Go for a Joyride in Skottie Young-Inspired Animated Short (Comic Book Resources)
06-03-17 (09:53)   SpaceX Moon Mission Won't Be Rich People's Joyride, Says Space Travel Vet (VIDEO) (TMZ.com)
24-02-17 (14:39)   Why Amazon and Intel are betting big on a startup that could succeed where Microsoft's Kinect failed (AMZN, INTC) (Business Insider)
21-02-17 (15:06)   Apple could include Kinect-like camera tech in next iPhone (TheVerge)
19-02-17 (20:15)   Joyride #10 (Comic Book Resources)
22-01-17 (18:15)   Joyride #9 (Comic Book Resources)
21-12-16 (06:35)   Boom Ball 2 For Kinect Is Now Available For Xbox One (Major Nelson)
02-12-16 (15:44)   Watch Kristen Stewart Go on a Joyride in the New Rolling Stones Music Video (Vulture)
25-11-16 (23:20)   Kinect Mega Bundle: 4 in 1 Is Now Available For Xbox One (Major Nelson)
05-11-16 (09:37)   Kinect demo code and new driver for UWP now available (The Windows Blog)
04-11-16 (05:58)   Tinashe Finaaaaaally Releases a Chunk of New Music, the Mixtape Nightride (Vulture)
02-11-16 (00:03)   Oklahoma man accused of stealing police car after posting video of joyride (Reuters)
30-10-16 (04:42)   Jason Kipnis' joyride in the Indians dugout is Cleveland fans everywhere (Mashable)
24-10-16 (18:06)   Watch Dogs 2 parodies Trump, Martin Shkreli, Kinect (Eurogamer.net)
17-10-16 (19:00)   Joyride #6 (Comic Book Resources)
12-10-16 (20:03)   Esquire Orders 'Joyride' Series With Mischa Barton From 'Car Matchmaker' Producers (Deadline.com)
12-10-16 (19:55)   Esquire Network Announces New Original Series "Joyride" from the Producers of Hit Series "Car Matchmaker" (The Futon Critic)
12-10-16 (07:21)   Latest Just Dance Xbox One video game comes with free 3-month trial of streaming service (WinBeta)
01-10-16 (09:38)   Playmate Ashley Mattingly -- Arrested For Drunken Golf Cart Joyride (MUG SHOT + PHOTO) (TMZ.com)
30-09-16 (11:07)   Xbox Fitness users given several Challenges to help unlock Achievements (WinBeta)
15-09-16 (22:15)   Joyride #5 (Comic Book Resources)
08-09-16 (16:35)   Standalone Xbox One S Vertical Stand and Xbox Kinect Adapter for Xbox One S released (Game Idealist)
08-09-16 (06:03)   Tinashe's 'Joyride' Featuring Travi$ Scott Leaks Online (AceShowbiz.com)
01-09-16 (10:36)   New game Perfect Woman rates girls with the Xbox One's Kinect (WinBeta)
26-08-16 (11:07)   Everything you need to know about Xbox Fitness refunds and what happens next (WinBeta)
25-08-16 (09:50)   Check out this stunning video performance created with Kinect point cloud data (WinBeta)
17-08-16 (10:07)   Baila Latino is a new Kinect dance game that just launched on Xbox One (WinBeta)
15-08-16 (18:21)   Plug a mini microphone into your Xbox One controller, and get Cortana without Kinect (WinBeta)
11-08-16 (18:21)   Release date and more details revealed for Xbox One S and Windows 10 PC Kinect Adapter (Game Idealist)
10-08-16 (22:21)   Microsoft plans for Universal Windows 10 support for Cortana on Xbox One (WinBeta)
10-08-16 (09:07)   Try Just Dance 2017 for free with the new Xbox One demo (WinBeta)
02-08-16 (21:29)   How To Get A Free Kinect Adapter for Xbox One S (IGN.com)
25-07-16 (18:12)   The last - and best - Kinect game ever made: You should be playing Fru (GamesRadar)
15-07-16 (20:43)   Let's Play Fru, A New Kinect Game That's Actually Good (Kotaku)
13-07-16 (19:20)   Kinect is almost dead, but it finally has a killer app (TheVerge)
13-07-16 (17:00)   Xbox One S Kinect Adapter Price Revealed (IGN.com)
06-07-16 (23:14)   Meet The Developers Who Are Still Making A Kinect Game (Kotaku)
02-07-16 (17:10)   GameSpot Plays FRU: The Greatest Kinect Game Ever (GameSpot)
28-06-16 (20:35)   The best reason to own a Kinect is coming in July (Eurogamer.net)
28-06-16 (18:20)   The Kinect wind-down continues as Xbox Fitness is retired (Eurogamer.net)
28-06-16 (09:44)   Get an Xbox One with Kinect and three games for $229 (VG247)
24-06-16 (18:20)   Kung-Fu for Kinect Is Now Available For Xbox One (Major Nelson)
22-06-16 (13:22)   Teens take Blackpool Pleasure Beach rollercoaster joyride (BBC News)
17-06-16 (16:06)   Panorama artist Gabriel Pulecio made a light tunnel with infinity mirrors and Kinects (TheVerge)
15-06-16 (17:35)   Microsoft's Shannon Loftis on E3 leaks, the status of Kinect, and the future of controllers (TheVerge)
14-06-16 (21:29)   No Kinect Support for Xbox One S Out of the Box (IGN.com)
14-06-16 (14:25)   Xbox One S Drops Dedicated Kinect Port, Requires Adapter (Screen Rant)
14-06-16 (14:20)   This USB adapter is Microsoft's final admission that Kinect failed (TheVerge)
14-06-16 (12:29)   Xbox One S Needs Adapter to Use Kinect (Game Rant)
14-06-16 (12:01)   Xbox One S doesn't have a Kinect port (VG247)
14-06-16 (07:41)   Xbox One S Doesn't Include Kinect Port, Requires Adapter (GameSpot)
14-06-16 (06:10)   Xbox One S console has no Kinect port, requires USB adapter (Polygon)
14-06-16 (02:09)   E3 2016: Xbox One S Has No Kinect Port, But Don't Worry (Pure Xbox)
13-06-16 (18:58)   Xbox One S drops Kinect port, will require USB adapter (GamesRadar)
10-06-16 (14:00)   PREVIEWS: "Adventure Time," "Joyride" & More BOOM! Comics On Sale June 15, 2016 (Comic Book Resources)
07-06-16 (22:17)   'Ride With Norman Reedus' Review: 'Walking Dead' Star's Biker Series A Real Joyride (Deadline.com)
23-05-16 (17:49)   VicoVR is like Kinect for mobile VR (TheVerge)
20-05-16 (00:15)   PREVIEWS: "Joyride," "Steven Universe" & More BOOM! Comics On Sale May 25, 2016 (Comic Book Resources)
13-05-16 (10:20)   There's a new Kinect game (Eurogamer.net)
12-05-16 (16:23)   Virtual Air Guitar Company Brings Martial Arts to Kinect for Xbox One (Pure Xbox)
28-04-16 (19:24)   Xbox Live Changed Gaming Forever and Kinect Not Originally Planned, Ex-Director Says (GameSpot)
26-04-16 (14:00)   Last Week's Comics Reviewed: "Joyride," "Karnak," "Chew" & More! (Comic Book Resources)
22-04-16 (23:29)   REVIEW: Lanzing, Kelly & To's "Joyride" #1 Lives Up to Its Name (Comic Book Resources)
20-04-16 (15:13)   The surprising results of A/B testing Benji Bananas' gameplay as Jetpack Joyride vs Tiny Wings (Pocket Gamer.biz)
14-04-16 (14:00)   PREVIEWS: "Joyride," "Lumberjanes" and More BOOM! Comics on Sale April 20, 2016 (Comic Book Resources)
13-04-16 (18:03)   Two Kansas 6-year-old boys take pickup truck for joyride (Reuters)
31-03-16 (17:39)   Massachusetts 13-year-old took stolen car on 30-mile joyride (Reuters)
25-03-16 (02:08)   Cool Videos: Conan O'Brien & Andy Richter go for a joyride in the Batmobile (JoBlo.com)
11-03-16 (21:19)   The Priceless Bust Of Nefertiti, Nearly Inaccessible To The Public, Covertly Scanned Using Kinect (GameInformer.com)
11-03-16 (15:10)   10 Cloverfield Lane review: an intense and thrilling joyride (Polygon)
11-03-16 (11:20)   Kinect, an alleged heist and the original bust of Queen Nefertiti (Eurogamer.net)
11-03-16 (00:43)   Kinect Involved In Ancient Egypt Kerfuffle  (Kotaku)
08-03-16 (22:34)   A Microsoft Studios Website Cleanup Turned Into Unfounded Rumors Of Impending Layoffs (GameInformer.com)
22-02-16 (18:41)   Mindful of Kinect's fate, Microsoft won't launch its VR until 'the world is ready' (Polygon)
20-02-16 (20:15)   Microsoft: HoloLens Won't Be Another Kinect (Game Rant)
20-02-16 (02:55)   Microsoft Taking Its Time With HoloLens to Avoid Kinect Situation (GameSpot)
19-02-16 (16:44)   VG247 Deals - Xbox One Kinect bundle for $279, $30 off Corsair gaming keyboard (VG247)
09-02-16 (11:27)   Microsoft and Novartis fight Multiple Sclerosis with Kinect (Neowin.net)
29-01-16 (14:23)   Weirdness: Did This Kinect Sensor Just Find a Ghost? (Pure Xbox)
14-01-16 (22:00)   EXCLUSIVE: First Details, Cover of Lanzing, Kelly & To's "Joyride" at BOOM! (Comic Book Resources)
14-01-16 (00:56)   Exclusive Preview: Hacktivist creators hotwire a spaceship for their next Joyride (Blastr.com)
05-01-16 (22:11)   Microsoft's Windows App Studio team is working on a new 'Beihai' consumer app (Microsoft-News.com)
05-01-16 (09:02)   Microsoft's Kinect-powered 3D scan app now in the Windows Store (WMPoweruser)
31-12-15 (14:57)   Beatsplosion for Kinect now available for the Xbox One (Microsoft-News.com)
30-12-15 (20:49)   Beatsplosion For Kinect Is Now Available For Xbox One (Major Nelson)
29-12-15 (16:23)   A Mirror Made of Fuzzy Pom-Poms Is a Creepy, Beautiful Thing (Gizmodo)
17-12-15 (17:06)   This ghostly music video was shot entirely on a Microsoft Kinect (TheVerge)
17-12-15 (02:11)   Rare, not Microsoft, responsible for focus on Kinect (Microsoft-News.com)
16-12-15 (18:00)   Ex-Rare Developers Talk About Working With Kinect (IGN.com)
16-12-15 (13:09)   Xbox Fitness Update Brings Kinect-Free Use and Downloadable Workouts (Pure Xbox)
15-12-15 (21:34)   Crytek's Upcoming VR Game The Climb Blends Eco-Tourism And Kinect Sports Rivals (GameInformer.com)
15-12-15 (21:10)   Kinect struts its stuff, delivers stunning stage effects for Phantogram (Neowin.net)
15-12-15 (15:57)   Musicians Are Using Microsoft Kinect To Add Unique Visuals To Live Shows (Microsoft-News.com)
12-12-15 (13:09)   Virtual Air Guitar Company's Beatsplosion for Kinect Outed (Pure Xbox)
10-12-15 (18:57)   Kinect gets Windows Hello support, can now be used to login to a Windows 10 PC (Microsoft-News.com)
10-12-15 (17:27)   Kinect v2 now works with Windows Hello (Neowin.net)
10-12-15 (15:35)   You can now use Kinect to log into Windows 10 with your face (TheVerge)
08-12-15 (22:10)   Microsoft's Kinect can now be used to try on clothes (Neowin.net)
04-12-15 (15:18)   Use your Xbox One Kinect to sign in with Windows Hello (Winsupersite.com)
03-12-15 (22:28)   Microsoft's 12 Days of Deal Day 3: Get 2 free games with select Xbox One bundles (Microsoft-News.com)
02-12-15 (18:42)   Microsoft Kinect used to help researchers take better X-rays (Microsoft-News.com)
11-11-15 (16:48)   New Xbox Update Leaves Kinect Gestures By The Wayside (GameInformer.com)
11-11-15 (15:55)   New Xbox dashboard gets rid of Kinect gestures (Polygon)
11-11-15 (13:14)   The New Xbox Experience Won't Feature Kinect Gestures (IGN.com)
11-11-15 (11:01)   New Xbox One UI does not support Kinect gestures (VG247)
09-11-15 (14:57)   Kickstarter project uses Kinect sensor to move robotic arm. (Microsoft-News.com)
09-11-15 (13:28)   Gamestop Black Friday deals leak, Xbox One bundle for $299! (Microsoft-News.com)
29-10-15 (21:27)   Microsoft slashes prices of Xbox One Kinect and Kinect Bundle (Neowin.net)
29-10-15 (18:14)   Microsoft Drops Price of Xbox One Kinect (IGN.com)
28-10-15 (20:15)   Xbox One 500GB Kinect Bundle with three games will run you $399 for a limited time (VG247)
28-10-15 (17:49)   Kinect For Xbox One And Xbox One Kinect Bundle Now Available For A Limited-Time Promotional Offer (Major Nelson)
28-10-15 (15:42)   Deal: Xbox One with Kinect Bundle along with 3 free games for $399 (Microsoft-News.com)
22-10-15 (19:10)   Watch Neon Indian's latest light show powered by Microsoft Kinect (Neowin.net)
17-10-15 (07:28)   Microsoft Executive Talks About The Role Of Kinect Sensor In Xbox One's Future (Microsoft-News.com)
16-10-15 (15:41)   Microsoft: A 'vast majority' of Xbox One Kinect owners still use peripheral (Polygon)
03-10-15 (02:05)   NBA 2K16's Face-Scanning Feature Is Still Not Great (GameInformer.com)
01-10-15 (16:41)   Microsoft brings back white Xbox One for 'Gears of War' bundle, reveals Kinect bundle (Neowin.net)
01-10-15 (16:11)   Microsoft Announces White Xbox One Special Edition Gears of War Bundle (Microsoft-News.com)
01-10-15 (15:34)   Two More Xbox One Bundles Announced, Including One With Kinect (GameInformer.com)
01-10-15 (15:20)   Xbox One Special Edition Gears Of War Bundle Available In November; Xbox One With Kinect Bundle Available In October (Major Nelson)
24-09-15 (20:29)   Game Scoop!: Will PlayStation VR Go the Way of Kinect? (IGN.com)
23-09-15 (07:34)   Tinashe Collaborates With Chris Brown on New Song 'Player' From 'Joyride' Album (AceShowbiz.com)
21-09-15 (01:48)   Opinion ? I Like The Kinect Because It Enables Me To Be Lazy (GameInformer.com)
08-09-15 (03:34)   Which Controller Is The Loudest? Sounding Off On Controller Noise (GameInformer.com)
03-09-15 (12:03)   Tinashe Announces Second Album 'Joyride', Shares Trailer (AceShowbiz.com)
20-08-15 (16:42)   Kinect Game Bundle Squid Hero + Boom Ball Is Now Available for Xbox One (Microsoft-News.com)
19-08-15 (04:49)   Kinect Bundle: Squid Hero + Boom Ball Is Now Available for Xbox One (Major Nelson)
03-08-15 (16:09)   Review: Squid Hero for Kinect (Xbox One) (Pure Xbox)
29-07-15 (14:09)   Out Today: Squid Hero for Kinect (Xbox One) (Pure Xbox)
08-07-15 (21:11)   Microsoft allowed visitors at the Milan Expo 2015 to experience the Grocery Store of the Future (Microsoft-News.com)
02-07-15 (00:09)   Kinect Puzzle Déception! Q Not Released in Canada Due to Translation Issues (Pure Xbox)
01-07-15 (19:09)   Microsoft's Latest Quest Into Digital Worlds Could Help Robots "See" (Gizmodo)
01-07-15 (15:28)   SemanticPaint Is An Another Impressive Project From Microsoft Research (Microsoft-News.com)
01-07-15 (15:09)   Ink-redible! Squid Hero for Kinect Aims to Liven Up Motion Control Gaming (Pure Xbox)
22-06-15 (21:00)   Kinect Required for Cortana on Xbox One (IGN.com)
19-06-15 (19:06)   Cortana on Xbox One requires Kinect (TheVerge)
17-06-15 (19:23)   E3 2015: Microsoft Says That Kinect Games Are Indeed Still In Development (Pure Xbox)
17-06-15 (18:20)   Kinect isn't dead: Microsoft has unannounced Kinect games in development (TheVerge)
17-06-15 (18:01)   Third-party and Microsoft's internal studios working on unannounced Kinect titles (VG247)
17-06-15 (17:57)   Xbox Kinect Not Dead Yet, Microsoft Confirms That Kinect Games Are In Development (Microsoft-News.com)
17-06-15 (17:40)   E3 2015: Japanese Title Q Coming to Xbox One with Kinect Support via ID@Xbox (Pure Xbox)
17-06-15 (04:24)   Xbox exec: Unannounced Kinect games in development internally and by third parties (Polygon)
16-06-15 (17:00)   Kinect Games Will Not Be Backward Compatible (IGN.com)
16-06-15 (12:09)   E3 2015: Just Dance 2016 Removes the Need for Kinect (Pure Xbox)
16-06-15 (02:10)   The Kinect is dead (Polygon)
12-06-15 (01:10)   Saitek makes Farming Simulator the next Steel Battalion with $299 dedicated controller (Polygon)
03-06-15 (21:14)   Deals of the Week: Fallout 4 $46, $323 Xbox One With Kinect, Amazon PC Games Summer Sale (IGN.com)
28-05-15 (20:57)   Sound Artist Uses Microsoft Kinect To Translate His Gestures Into Commands To Control Music (Microsoft-News.com)
25-05-15 (20:57)   Kinect educational game much more effective than regular educational games (Microsoft-News.com)
20-05-15 (22:57)   Phil Spencer Says Kinect Sensor Is Not Abandoned, They Are Still Looking At Ways To Improve The Experience (Microsoft-News.com)
19-05-15 (22:14)   Xbox Boss Is Still Betting on Kinect (IGN.com)
19-05-15 (11:09)   Review: Slice Zombies for Kinect (Xbox One) (Pure Xbox)
18-05-15 (19:36)   Man in court over bus 'joyride' (BBC News)
12-05-15 (17:42)   Microsoft Releases RoomAlive Toolkit, Allows You To Turn Any Room Into An Interactive, Augmented Experience (Microsoft-News.com)
12-05-15 (15:56)   Alex Kipman talks HoloLens: Cortana, Kinect and a close up of the hardware (Neowin.net)
12-05-15 (13:13)   Puddle Of Mudd singer misses court date following luggage carousel joyride arrest (NME.COM)
11-05-15 (20:28)   Kinect projects shine at Microsoft Imagine Cup in China (Microsoft-News.com)
08-05-15 (09:40)   Out Today: Slice Zombies for Kinect (Xbox One) (Pure Xbox)
30-04-15 (16:45)   Hacked Kinect controller game changer for Parkinson's (ScienceDaily)
28-04-15 (23:11)   This Week's Xbox Live Gold Deals Includes Star Wars Titles, Dance Central Spotlight, Madden NFL 15 And More (Microsoft-News.com)
24-04-15 (15:23)   Interview: We Sat Down With MADE to Talk Slice Zombies for Kinect on Xbox One (Pure Xbox)
21-04-15 (15:42)   Microsoft Research's ImmerseBoard Offers An Immersive Telepresence Experience Using A Digital Whiteboard (Microsoft-News.com)
21-04-15 (15:23)   Shovel Knight, Slice Zombies for Kinect Dated for Xbox One (Pure Xbox)
17-04-15 (16:42)   Microsoft Research's New System Can Track Detailed Hand Motion (Microsoft-News.com)
17-04-15 (02:09)   Weirdness: Big Steel Battalion Box Breathes Life into Original Xbox Classic (Pure Xbox)
16-04-15 (10:57)   Microsoft Research Reveals Real-time Hand Tracking System That Is More Accurate Than Leap Motion (Microsoft-News.com)
10-04-15 (18:10)   This is the best Steel Battalion cockpit. Ever. (Polygon)
06-04-15 (22:00)   Microsoft Stops Producing Kinect V2 for Windows (IGN.com)
03-04-15 (21:06)   Microsoft discontinues Kinect for Windows (Eurogamer.net)
03-04-15 (18:04)   One Kinect Sensor to Rule Them All (Winsupersite.com)
03-04-15 (11:41)   Microsoft stops selling Kinect for Windows (Neowin.net)
02-04-15 (19:11)   Microsoft Ends Production Of Kinect For Windows v2 Sensor, Developers Should Use Xbox One Kinect Sensor Going Forward (Microsoft-News.com)
31-03-15 (12:54)   Infinity Blade Saga Trailer Shows Kinect Support (Pure Xbox)
27-03-15 (11:09)   Review: Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 (Xbox One) (Pure Xbox)
26-03-15 (19:41)   CCP is changing the virtual reality game using ... Kinects? (Polygon)
25-03-15 (21:57)   Check Out These Amazing Artistic Creations Powered By Microsoft Kinect (Microsoft-News.com)
24-03-15 (19:45)   Nike combines a treadmill with a Kinect 2 sensor to create a dramatic effect (Pocket-lint)
19-03-15 (12:41)   Kinect apps are now becoming available in the Windows Store (Neowin.net)
19-03-15 (11:57)   Windows Store Now Lists Kinect Applications, Offers A New World Of Opportunity For Developers (Microsoft-News.com)
19-03-15 (11:57)   Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 Now Available For Download From Xbox Store (Microsoft-News.com)
18-03-15 (16:54)   Out Today: Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 (Xbox One) (Pure Xbox)
13-03-15 (18:49)   Dance Central Spotlight now lets you play as Borderlands characters (Eurogamer.net)
12-03-15 (11:28)   Microsoft Kinect Helps Bring Technology To Chinese Classrooms (Microsoft-News.com)
10-03-15 (00:01)   Borderlands characters now playable in Dance Central: Spotlight (VG247)
09-03-15 (21:30)   Kinect and HoloLens developer Kudo Tsunoda expands role at Microsoft (VG247)
09-03-15 (20:20)   Kinect and HoloLens developer Kudo Tsunoda expands role at Microsoft (Eurogamer.net)
08-03-15 (17:00)   Harmonix Brings Borderlands Characters to Dance Central Spotlight (IGN.com)
08-03-15 (16:41)   Two Borderlands characters boogie over to Dance Central Spotlight (Polygon)
05-03-15 (22:42)   Developer Creates Holographic Window Using Microsoft's Kinect Sensor (Microsoft-News.com)
02-03-15 (20:40)   Slice Zombies Jumping From Mobile to Kinect for Xbox One (Pure Xbox)
28-02-15 (18:11)   Watch This Video To Know About The Improvements In Skeletal Tracking Provided By The Kinect For Windows v2 Sensor (Microsoft-News.com)
27-02-15 (22:14)   Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 Coming to Xbox One Soon (IGN.com)
27-02-15 (20:57)   Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 Coming To Xbox One Next Month (Microsoft-News.com)
27-02-15 (17:44)   Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 is coming to Xbox One next month (VG247)
27-02-15 (17:23)   Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 Dated and Priced (Pure Xbox)

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